Friday, 16 December 2016

Right Wallet To Keep Your Bitcoin Safe

It was not easy to get Bitcoin or earn Bitcoin earlier by late 2011. But in today world it has reached the daily transaction of 2,56,044 from the mere 11,000 till April, 2012. This value is the only proof to gauge about Bitcoin security. Due to the nature of Digital, Bitcoin can’t be touched or feel like the fiat one but it has the same worth. So, that needs to be pick your wallet for storing and transacting Bitcoin safe fore ever. The Bitcoin network created using cryptography technology by a sophisticated algorithm to secure your hard-earned Bitcoin with hassel free transaction and avoiding doubble spending issues. There are many digital wallet provider who are also giving you the freedom of storing your Bitcoin with their safe wallet. Except Blockchain others also like Xapo, Coinbase, Zeb Pay providing their client for storing the Bitcoin securely free of cost. In this section I am going to aware you the various kind of wallet with their multi security features and the benefits to make you choose not only the right but the most safest wallet according to your need.

  1. Xapo : 

With xapo wallet you can create your account easily by mobile number and e-mail ID also one identification is required but can be possible to open multiple wallet by other name also with fake ID. The security level is no-comprommised but your coin is always safe with their secure vault. So, get your smooth transistion from fiat to digital currency.

Features & Benefits:

  • Keep and Carry your money securely by your moblle. Simply install xapo app from your IOS or Android and always track your balance, trade and receiving or sending Bitcoin easily with this safe wallet.
  • Store your Bitcoin in xapo vault that is another level of safe wallet except your main wallet. Now keep your hard-earned Bitcoin more securely.
  • Buy new Bitcoin or the fraction of Bitcoin with any kind of fiat money incuding your home currency.
  • Expense Bitcoin easily at any store with Debit Card or withdraw your fiat one from any ATM machine world-wide.
  • it’s never been easier to send or receive money from your family or friends at the same time you won’t be charged any fees or mere fees.


  • Using of offline encrypted server made xapo more reliable for their users to keep there wallet safe. This server never connected to internet so the coins are always safe from the hacker.
  • Restricted & monitored vault access mantain the strict control to the server. Xapo server is situated behind reinforced concrete walls, a steel blast door and a radio wave-blocking faraday cage.
  • The secure vaults are housed in high-security installations, including deep within a decommissioned swiss military bunker.
  • Your hard-earned money secured in the swiss ALPS that offers extra robust protection against physical theft.
  • The global network of storage vaults make you completely insure that no-single breach of network if happen regulatory action would ever compromise your account.
  • Another level of security that is used by xapo is a Satelite based x-ray of their terrestrial network.

 There are more than 60 Million transaction over a day with 8 million plus wallet user that is provided by Blockchain official wallet. Blockchain is serving in more than 120 countries and still growing.

features and benefits:

  • It’s safe and simple. Transact any time with anyone over the world.
  • Security centre that helps you back up your funds time to time and protect them fro unauthorized access.
  • Cross-platform access that is providing you accesses your funds anytime, any-where by your desktop, IOS or android devices.
  • Anytime supporting team, low fees and the hirearchical deterministic address that monitoring and spending from watch only address.
  • 20+ conversion rates and more than twenty-five languages available.
  • You can change your wallet theme according to your eye-catched interface.

Zebpay is created for Indian citizen with extra feature of recharging & pay bills by Bitcoins. You can recharge your Air-time and pay DTH bills with 15 supported operators with fast and easy way. But anybody can use it world-wide for sending and receiving Bitcoins. Indian users can trade bitcoin with their local currency even they can sell and withdraw their bitcoin to the local bank and the transaction is completed within two hours or the same day. Zebpay has the multi-platform user based that can be used in your android or IOS devices. Just download the app in your Android or IOS mobile or tablet and register with your mobile number. You need to verify atleast one of you ID to sell or withdraw your bitcoin.

     4. Unocoin:

Unocoin is another Bitcoin exchanger for Indian users that is offering buying, selling, accepting, and sending of Bitcoin. Apart these features it is offering extra feature of mearchant services. Merchants are now accept Bitcoin online by using this as payment gateway and also use POS machine in their shop. Users can also track all POS transaction in Android mobile by downloading Unocoin Pos app. As payment method Unocoin does not charge any fees to customers to accept bitcoin. With 0% volatility the fluctuation in bitcoin prices pose no risk to merchants, you can either choose to keep your bitcoin or instantly sell them for INR.

     5. Coinbase:

Coinbase is the world’s most popular and widely used bitcoin wallet for buying and selling of both digital currency Bitcoin and Ethereum. Can be connected to your debit card or credit card and bank account so that you can exchange your digital currency as and when you want.

Features & Benefits:

  • In addition to desktop wallet is for multi cross-platform for Android & IOS.
  • All Bitcoins are stored in a vast off-line storage.
  • All digital currencies are prorected by insurance policy.
  • Access full control of your private keys with the multi-signature vault.
  • Hassle free sending and receiving of your digital currency that is immediately exchanged to your local currency.
  • Make SIP by Invest in bitcoin and ethereum slowly over time by scheduling buys weekly or monthly.
  • Merchant service of availability make payments from anywhere in the world, with low transaction fees.
  • The leading platform for professional digital currency traders.
  • Developers are benefited by the world’s most popular digital currency API. Financial infrastructure for your apps.


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